Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Justin Bieber Wants to be Like Mark Wahlberg

Now we have heard about a possible script for months, and Mark Wahlberg is keeping the press up to date.
"I just think personally we have a great idea," Wahlberg continued. "He's a great athlete.

The rumors are flying that Justin Bieber will be acting in a Mark Wahlberg production.
We're not sure, if Mark and the Biebs will be acting alongside one another.
Or maybe Mark Wahlberg will be producing the basketball inspired flick.

"We got a first draft,” Wahlberg told E! News.

They did an edit on the script and got to make some changes and do a little bit of rewrite and polish but I’ve been in contact with "Justin's" managers and the studio a lot.
We just want to make it great and we’re getting there."

Well, it looks like the rumors are true.
Is Justin Bieber going to make a successful transition into acting?
Well, if Mark Wahlberg gets his way, Justin sure will.