Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Video Premier Exclusive - All I want for CHristmas is You *Super HOT*

Justin Bieber Duet with Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
(SuperFestive!) (Shazam Version) © 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group
This is justin's first duet with Mariah Carey The Official has just Release

Did You Liked The Video???

Justin Bieber Just Knocked 15 Million Followers on Twitter.

Today on 30 November Justin bieber Just Knocked 15
Million Followers on his Official Twitter Account..
Justin Bieber is Becoming Most famous on Twitter day by day
All because of his Awesome fans.
Thanks to All beliebers for supporting him on every platform.

Celebrations - Anniversary of Justin Bieber's "PRAY" & "One Less Lonely Girl"

Today is The 2nd Anniversary for Justin Bieber's Single from his Album
"My World" The Song is very Known and was very famous on it's Time.
and the song title is your very Known "One less lonely girl"
This was his one of the most successful single
also the official video of this song go too much attention of Peoples
on Justin Bieber..

Justin Bieber "All I Want For Christmas Is You" First Look Trailer

After Long Time Wait, Now Just Some time Remain For Justin's Song
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Official Music Video On The Screen.

Before release The Video a short Trailer Clip On The Screen..

Preview Video | Justin Bieber Perform On So Random


Hottest Celeb Musical Guest Justin Bieber On So Random
Here Is Bieber's Latest Holiday Performance Preview..
Did you excited for This Mistletoe Stage Show??
Watch This Preview Clip!!

Michael Bublé Christmas With Justin Bieber On NBC Special Trailer & Interview


December 6 2011"Tuesday" Like Micheal Buble Start a new Holiday Tradition
with Kellie Pickler,Ed Helms,Thalia & of course Justin Bieber..
A Micheal Buble Show will Telecast On NBC..

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

"Justin Bieber" Talks About "Christmas In Rockefeller Center"

Justin Bieber Talks About "Christmas In Rockefeller"
This Video Was Found On the site

Justin has Talked About His Christmas in Rockefeller in this Video
he said that it was very positive Point for me to perform on this

Justin Said,
I'm performing  some Christmas Songs for all My Fans
I'm So Excited & Its A Pleasure..

I'll Performed Chestnuts & Drummer Boy Songs
Christmas Is Always Amazing For me, My Families & My Beliebers
So That Why Is Very Special!!

All Of you Watch This Amazing Video
Justin Look So Hot..
Here We Upload, Bieber Talks About Christmas Video..

Justin Bieber Grounded By his Mom Pattie for Buying buying $160,000 Range Rover

It is recently Reported That Justin Bieber get grounded by His
Mom, when She Listen That he is Buying a Custom Modified 160,000
Range Rover.
There is no doubt that justin bieber have trillions of Dollars in his bank        
but his mom reportedly don't want him to waste it on his excessive expenses 
early this November he bought a $160,000 Range Rover and Cracked Down by
His Mom on this act.

and She got pretty Upset about this, because he already have
a Modified Cadillac ‘Batmobile’ and a Ferrari, and recently Puled over by
LAPD over speeding with car gang.

and she banned him to drive, until he'll  turned 18 and Source more added
that she is trying to stop justin Bieber's Wild spending of Money.

"Justin Bieber" Most Amazing Searched Person "2011" In The Wold on Bing

Bing has Published!!
There are Many Amazing Person who stands on top 10 chart
of Most searched Celebrities, but Our Hero Justin Bieber
stand 1st on Bing Search engine 2011.
He Also have a record of standing first at google Search on 2010
Now he become the King of Bing Search.
in the category of "Most Searched Celebrties"

Lady-gaga the Pop Singer is Following Justin Bieber and Satnding on 2 at Bing.

Here Is The List Most Searching Person 2011 on "Bing"

=>1: Justin Bieber
=>2: Katy Perry
=>3: Jennifer Lopez
=>4: Britney Spear
=>5: Lady Gaga
=>6: Selena Gomez
=>7: Nicki Minaj
=>8: Rihanna
=>9: Beyonce
=>10:Taylor Swift

Justin Said,
"I'm Always Standing On No 1, If Beliebers Supporting Me Every Time"
& I Know Beliebers Always Support Me..
This Credit All Goes To My Lovely Belieber's
Love You Belieber's, Love You So Much..

How's Your Feeling about Justin as No 1 Person at Bing Search 2011
You Can Write Your Comment Here!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Justin Bieber's New Video Premier ft. Mariah Carey

few Days Ago Justin Bieber Tweeted That
there will Be a Christmas Video titled
Now Recently He Posted on his Official Facebook
Only two days Left In The World Premier of The Video

We "Bieber Exclusive" Just want to ask You All beliebers
that Are Excited For this Christmas Gift From Justin Bieber?

100% Prove Mariah Yeater’s Ex boyfriend The Baby Daddy!!

Mariah Yeater's Was Claim On Justin Bieber
He is The Daddy of Her Son..

Today News Prove It,
Justin Bieber Is Not The Father Of Her Son.

Mariah Yeater & Her Ex boyfriend

When Mariah Yearters Ex Boyfriend Take DNA Test
To Prove it He is The Daddy Of Mariah's Son No Doubt
100 % Sure New
Here Is The Report Of Mariah Yeater's Ex Boyfriend..
If You Want To See The Report  "Click Here"  TMZ Exclusive..

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez On The Christmas


Justin Bieber Want To Make This Christmas Special
Justin Get Work Hard And Make "Under The Mistletoe"
Music Album Specially Christmas!!

Justin Said,
"This Christmas Is Very Special For Me & My Dearest Beliebers"

Justin Promoting His Album & Was Said,
Under The Mistletoe is #1 Album For The Year..

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Justin Bieber With His Belieber - Backstage


Here Is The Photos Of Justin Bieber & Some Lucky Fans
All Beliebers Want To Meet Justin Bieber
But Today Some Beliebers Wish Come True..

Justin Bieber Head made of Gold value of more than $1 Million.


Justin Bieber's Head Made From Gold has Value upto $1 Million
a Gold and precious Metal specialist started the project
he Previous Said That He'll Sculpt the Head Of Justin
Now Few Days Ago he has Successfully Completed his Project
and Showed to media.. and it's Gaining lot of Attention of Peoples
And Every Belieber Girl want to have this in Their Room
But it is Pretty Expensive to Have in Random Room.

Virgin Media Music Awards, Justin Bieber Hottest Male – Vote Now!!

Justin Bieber Is Nominated In "Hottest Male" Category
In 2011 "Virgin Media Awards"

Justin is top On Hottest Male category Now yet!!
Thank's Beliebers

Now Justin Against Joe Jonas
Dont Forget to Vote Justin Bieber
Justin Don't Want lose this award..

Now Vote for justin Bieber as Hottest Male At the
Virgin Media Music Awards 2011

Click Here For Vote Justin Bieber 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Breaking News: Justin Bieber's New Video With MariahCarey

Recently Justin Bieber Has Tweeted that
There will be a Justin biebers and Mariah Carey's debut Video
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" World Wide Premier In 4-Days

So All beliebers Are You Excited or What?? Let us Know By Comment..?

Justin Bieber At Pencils of Promise Gala Event 2011

Justin was honoring by AugustusFilms
on Pencils of promise Charity Event
he was featured on Gala Event by AugustusFilms

justin has couple of records on charity
he also Auctioned his Pet snake for Charity
Justin bieber has also named teenager with most
charity work..

Checkout The Video of Justin at Gala Event 2011
Pencils of Promise.. by AugustusFilms

Justin bieber Really have a Big Heart
there no teenager who did charity like this in the age of 17

New 2011 - Justin Bieber Raps Old School Flow *HOT*

Justin bieber's New Rap in Old School Flow
Justin Bieber rapping on old school beat
Produced by AKA TK

Here you can listen it...

Justin Bieber's Photo Gallery (Part 3) *New*

After the positive response on
Justin bieber's Photo gallery Part 1 and 2
Bieber Exclusive are re-presenting You
The Part 3 of Justin Bieber Photo gallery

it contains 20 Photos, some of them are New
and Some of them are Unseen.. Enjoy...

haha, justin Bieber with Mustache

Friday, 25 November 2011

Justin Bieber Forgets Lyrics on Live Show Today at NYC

Justin Bieber was performing at new York in America today's Show
he was set to perform "Santa Claus Coming to town" for promotion
of his new Album..

but unfortunately Justin Bieber had left Nervous after Forgeting
a line from his famous song "Sant coming to town"
but he is very talented he didn't let mistake to ruin the
Show, he continued with the same confidence
'cause he was performing in front of hundreds of fans
from New York City.

Watch the Video for That Performance...

There is No big Deal in Making Mistakes..
he is Also Human like us, what you think? let us know by comments..

Justin Bieber had Asthma Attack, & Hospitalized was a rumor

There was a rumor on facebook and different Online communities
that justin bieber had Asthma Attack and he was collapsed then Hospitalized

Later Justin Bieber Confirms that this All just Drama and Rumor
he denies and cleary said he never had Asthma Attack
and justin's fellow peoples said That Don't believe Such things
until it is confirmed by Official news channel of Bieber's Twitter

According to discussion on twitter it has been revealed that
a Lady Gaga's fans Group started this rumor.

Here is The Photo of Twitter Discussion Taken from (

So what You Thought is Lady gaga fans really started this rumor?
and what will lady gaga say on this matter...

Justin Bieber Being DJ for Sirius XM Radio

Here is the Video of Justin Being DJ at
Sirius XM Radio
playing Selena Gomez Song
it shows that he Love Selena So Much..

He Also said about selena That
'She just another Blessing for me''

Here is the video whcih was recorded on 25th Nov
Justin presents the songs he's most thankful for in 2011

Did You Liked it, How he was playing Selena's Songs?

Justin Bieber's New Someday Dream Shot *HOT*

Here is the new ad of Someday
in which justin is talkin' About finding
a girl, and then show's her picture and boom
guess what? it is you All Beliebers Girls
stand up!! what's better than Justin is Pointing Finger at You??

here is The Video clip Must watch...

Justin Bieber's Exclusive Interview With David Letterman *NEW*

On November 23rd there was a Interview of Justin Bieber
with David Letterman, Where Justin Discussed about Fame & Paternity
justin bieber was looking hot in his new style Dress..

Here is the Video for This insterview... Enjoy.

Justin Bieber Performance in Rockefeller center at "NYC Christmas Tree Lighting"

Justin Bieber at The Rockefeller Center
at NYC set to Lightning Ceremony Of Christmas Tree
and Yes Justin was the perfect man there to
Lightning this ceremony.
Justin Bieber performed With Busta rhymes "“Drummer Boy”"
Also Performed  “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” with usher.

Justin Bieber “Drummer Boy”

Justin Bieber & Usher "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"

Did You Liked These Videos??
Let us Know.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Today Justin's Celebrate "One Time" 2nd Anniversary

Today Justin Bieber Celebrate One Time Second Anniversary
Justin Bieber One Time
Justin Released His Debut Album My World
& Debut Song One Time

"Boyz II Menz & Justin Bieber" New Music Video "Fa La La La"

Now Here is Published Justin Another Music Video
Ft.Boyz II Men
Justin Perform "FA LA LA" Video In Island Ft. Boyz II Men

Justin Released 2nd Music Video In His Christmas Album
"Under The Mistletoe" Special

 Now You Can Watch This Video Here!!
"FA LA LA" Justin Bieber Ft. Boyuz II Men

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Justin Bieber Performs On Today Show Concert on Good Morning America


Morning Show In America With Justin Bieber & Usher..

Vote for Justin Bieber - people's Choice Award 2012

Justin Bieber is Nominated in one category "Best Male"
at people's Choice Awards, Don't Let him lose this award
vote for justin Bieber as Best Male At the
people's Choice awards 2012..

Click Here for Vote

Is Justin Bieber still VIRGIN?

After Affair of justin Bieber with selena gomez
which is famous as Jelena..
and many time on different event justin
shows his true Love for Selena Gomez
in matter fact. Bieber Exclusive Starting a
poll to Ask the fans a Questtion..
take a Look Below

Under The Mistletoe CD/DVD Gift box (Christmas Special) *HOT*

In Under The Mistletoe Gift Box
christmas special
You'll get The Deluxe CD/DVD edition of the album.
and 12 day calender of Justin Bieber.
and a booklet of justin bieber about 40 pages

You can Buy it cheaper from
on only 36$ "Buynow from amazon"

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Happy Birthday "Jaxon" By Justin Bieber

Justin & Lovely Jaxon

Today is the 2nd Birthday Of Justin Younger Brother Jaxon
He's Very Cute, & So Hot Like Justin Bieber

Justin Said,
Happy Birthday Jaxoo,, Your Big Brother Love You Love You So Much

Happy Birthday Jaxon :*

Justin Bieber - Lights the Empire State Building plus Interview

That was really nice Interview and speach by
justin at this event..
justin said it's pleasure to be here after couple of
and Also there was a trophie for justin bieber

Commercial for justin Bieber Someday holiday *NEW*

This a Commercial for Justin Bieber's
someday Holiday. The ad is featuring
justin's singing Mistletoe and Clip of
mistletoe's Video..

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Wax Figure in Madame Tussauds New York

Recently Selena has revealed her Wax Figure in
Madame Tussauds New York.
apparently we saw that her Wax figure was made just next
to justin Bieber...
or you can say future Mr & Mrs Bieber..

here is the photo for it...

Justin Bieber & Selena's Wax Figure

But did you satisfy with Selena's face?? in this figure...

Behind The Scene | Someday PhotoShoot By Justin Bieber

Someday Photoshoot

Sirius XM Radio NYC Justin Bieber 's Photo's

This Is The Justin Bieber
He's Looking So Hot In Red Dress

Now Here Is The Some Photo's Of Justin Bieber
Hope You will Like It,

Justin Bieber, Mom & Great Grandma

Justin Bieber
Here Is The Photo Of Justin Family!!
Justin Said, "I Love My Family"
Like A Belieber And Beliebers Are Also
My Family Member..

Specially My Lovely Mom & My
Cutest Grandma Love You Ladies..

Justin Capture This Photo With His Lovely
Family At The Pencils Of Promise GALA..

Strong Women Family!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Justin Bieber Didn't Like Selena Gomez (Embarrassing Interview)

This is an Embarrassing interview of justin
were the question asked about his old interview
when he said he like Selena Gomez
checkout how he blushing when he said "She is just Another Blessing <3"

So are you Ready?
here is the Video for it...


Did You Liked it???

Justin Bieber's Hot 97 Freestyle Rap *NEW*

Recently Justin was threaten from haters
that he copies rhyme,
justin bieber stands up to show his talent
and did this another freestyle Rhyme..
and that was pretty talented

Justin Bieber's Funny Interview at Chelsea Lately's Show

Ha! this the the most funny interview of Justin in 2011
check out how they chilling with each other in the
Interview, were Justin is looking quite hot..
and Chelsea Acting hilarious as always..
just watch the interview video, Surely you will Love it!

2011 - Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith's New Song *Hot*

Here is The New Video hit the Internet
Named Justin and Jaden New Project 5
on thinking About you by frank ocean...
Justin bieber's getting more impressive day by day
as well as check out jaden's voice in this..
much deeper than "Never Say Never"
bith guys did very well Job..
hats off for them.....

Must Watch the Video.

Justin Bieber in Suit with new hair-style at "PENCILS PROMISE"

Justin Bieber is looking very Gentle
and Smart in Suit with Decent Hair Style

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Today Justin's Celebrate "My World" 2nd Anniversary Special

Justin My World
Today Justin Bieber Celebrate second anniversay of his Famous Album "My World"

Classic Cartoon Clips Of Justin Bieber & Santa Claus

Here is the some photos of Justin Bieber
And Santa Claus

Both really work hard for this,
Justin Said, I'll Make Another Animated Cartoon Clips
for Beliebers,

Justin Said, My Fans Are My Life!!
 "Love You Beliebers"

If you want to see Justin & Santa Amazing Video

Justin is Coming Your Town Now 

So Write Your Comment Here,