Monday, 28 November 2011

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez On The Christmas


Justin Bieber Want To Make This Christmas Special
Justin Get Work Hard And Make "Under The Mistletoe"
Music Album Specially Christmas!!

Justin Said,
"This Christmas Is Very Special For Me & My Dearest Beliebers"

Justin Promoting His Album & Was Said,
Under The Mistletoe is #1 Album For The Year..

This Christmas Justin Bieber Want Some Times Spend
With His GirlFriend Selena Gomez,& Take a sleigh_ride
with Selena..
Want To make A Special Time
Selena Is So Lucky Girl,

Justin Bieber Said,
I want All Wishes & Dreams Come True On This Christmas
Specially About My Parents, My Girlfriend & My Lovely Beliebers..
Comment If you Want Spend This Christmas With Justin Bieber..

I Want, I Want, I Want