Saturday, 31 December 2011

NEW 2012 - Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith will Release New Year Song.

At the starting of 2012 "Justin Bieber" and "Jaden smith" Releasing a new year song.
The "Never Say Never" Hit makers are coming up with a new Year Song for All "Beliebers".
there was Also a leaked song of "Justin Bieber" and "Jaden Smith" Which hits the Internet Between Oct to Nov.
Now "Justin" have a surprise for 2012, he tweeted that him and "Jaden" are Releasing a new year song at
12 of Last Night of 2012.

Are Y'all People are excited or what???

Friday, 30 December 2011

"Justin Bieber" Named On The Top 'Best Role Models' Of 2011

"Justin Bieber" has been named on the Top of the best role models of 2011,
According to 'Hollywood Life' an online celebrity publication.

"Justin Bieber" loves pranks with his fans, relative & friends,
but most people still think that he is a good role model.

Recently, a celebrity news website included  Google his name on the list of the best role models of 2011.

Justin's girlfriend "Selena Gomez" also ranked high on the list of Hollywood Life's Role Model of the Year 2011. In addition to her polite manner,
"Selena Gomez" volunteers for organizations like UNICEF and often shows up unexpectedly to visit sick patients in children's hospitals around the country.

Another young celebrity who is also on the list,

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Justin Bieber & Emma Watson Have 'Most Influential' Hairstyles Of 2011

"Justin Bieber" and "Emma Watson" have more than one thing in common.
Not only did both become mega-stars before their 18th birthdays,
But now the Wall Street Journal has just named Emma’s fresh 70′s pixie cut and Justin’s cropped locks.
"Justin Bieber" and Emma Watson's haircuts seems to be influencing people to cut their hair short this year.
"The Most Influential Haircuts" of 2011,
thanks to their dominance of internet searches.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Justin Bieber’s Grandparents Injured In Serious Car Crash

Justin Bieber‘s grandparents,
Bruce and Diane have been involved serious Car Crash in Canada yesterday.
which resulted in their vehicle flipping into a ditch.
Bruce reportedly broke four of his ribs, but the pair didn't suffer any serious injuries. 
"Bruce and Diane Dale" are the grandparents of "Justin Bieber",
And Parents of his mom Patricia "Pattie".
They helped raise "Justin Bieber", when he was growing up in Stratford.

There’s been no update from "Justin Bieber", or his management regarding the crash.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Selena Gomez jealous of Drew Ryniewicz & justin's Performance???

The awkward moment when Justin call  Drew Ryniewicz on stage and performed very romanticly with her
During the performance of X factor.
is selena gomez jealous by justin's this Act? or it's just a rumor?
source also suspecting that selena was also in the building to keep a eye on her Boy friend justin bieber.

Checkout the Video of justin and Drew Ryniewicz below

tell us by coments that what u think on this?


Justin Bieber Bought a Mustang Car for his Childhood Friend.

Is our hero justin bieber is best friend ever?
source revealed that justin bieber bought a new convertible white Mustang
for his best/childhood Friend Ryan Butler as a Christmas present.
on many occasion justin proves that he is very nice and loving guy,
like he participated in many charity program he visited Hospitals and school for donations.
now he left us a another reason to love him because he proves that he is a true Friend.
that's why we love justin, literally he is the best guy to ever live.

here is the photo which ryan butler posted and said, Justin have a present for me #Swag.


What's your comment about this??

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Let's Celebrate this Christmas with Justin Bieber. *The Great Bieber Moments of 2011*

we "Bieber Exclusive" & justin Bieber wishing you this Christmas..
Thanks for your support since previous Christmas, You Beliebers are the best fans in the world.
and on this Exciting occasion we decide to Bring Some smile on your face through some
justin Bieber Christmas Collection, Hope You'll Enjoy it and it'll Make your Holiday better than Ever..

before that let's check this great Bieber Moments of 2011.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Justin Bieber Funniest Moments Of 2011

It's almost the end of the year,
So i decided to put together a video of Justin's funniest moments from both the start of 2011 and some more recent ones.

How Many Likes??

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Justin Bieber Perform 'Mistletoe' on A Home For the Holidays - Martina McBride special

Here is "Justin Bieber" Latest Mistletoe Performance.
Justin's Performs an unique awesome version of Mistletoe,
For a special kids gathering.
From the Martina McBride holiday special
"A Home For the Holidays" 13th Annual.

Below Justin's Mistletoe Performance on 'A Home For the Holidays'.

Did you Liked Justin's New Version 'Mistletoe' Performance??
And here is also Some Amazingly Performance Photos..

Justin Bieber Perform New Album "Believe" Song "EveryThing's Gonna Be Alright"

MuchMusic Present:
"Justin Bieber" Home For The Holidays - Chrsitmas Show,
At 'Massey Hall' on 21th December 2011, in Toronto, Canada.
Justin's surprised the audience with a brand new song, 

"Justin Bieber" Performs upcoming Album 'Believe' Song 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'.

Can't Wait for the upcoming Album 'Believe'.

Justin Said,
May or may not appear on "Believe".
Give it a listen here!!


And Also here is Some Bieber's Performance Photo's.
Hope you'll Like It..

Tomorrow, Justin Bieber On The "X Factor" USA Finale

Tomorrow "Justin Bieber" on the 'X Factor' USA finale at 8/7c!.
Make Sure to Catch "Justin Bieber".
Tomorrow night very Special,
Justin Bieber Perform on 'X Factor'.
Don't Miss Justin's Performance It’s going to be amazing as usual..

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Justin Bieber Visits KLUC 98.5 Radio 'Las Vegas' Latest Interview

Here Bieber Exclusive upload Justin's Latest Interview, December 2011,
On KLUC 98.5 Radio 'Los Vegas'.
There in Interview Justin's talk his Best Christmas Album "Under The Mistletoe".
And also talking about Christmas Album "Under The Mistletoe" Video Songs, And Upcoming Video Songs.
Like Mistletoe, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Drummer Boy,
Christmas Eve, Someday At Christmas and others all songs of his album.
And also talking his future upcoming Album "Believe".

Justin Bieber "Home For the Holidays" Trailer & HD Photos

Here is "Justin Bieber" 'Home For the Holiday' Trailer..
This trailer only made for  Beliebers,

This trailer is too Short but Very Cute..

Below Justin's "Home for the Holiday" Trailer, "Must Watch".

Monday, 19 December 2011

Video: Justin Bieber Performance "Christmas In Washington"

TNT Released "Justin Bieber" Performance Video,
Here is "Justin Bieber" Performance 'Christmas In Washington'.
Justin Bieber was wearing white jacket & Black pant.
He's Looking So Hot..
Specially Guest American President "Obama"
And other VIP's attend his Great Performance.
"Justin Bieber" Sings New Album song 'Mistletoe'.

Below Justin's Christmas In Washington Performance in HD..

Justin Bieber Performance With Steve Wonder at House Of Toys Benefit

Here is  Some Photo's,
And Performance of "Steve wonder" & "Justin Bieber".
Teenage Super-star "Justin Bieber" and "Steve Wonder" Onstage,
"Justin Bieber" Performed  Hit Songs Christmas Eve, Baby, Mistletoe & Someday At Christmas.
Live at "16th Annual" House of Toys Benefit.

"Justin Bieber" Said,

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Justin Bieber with His Cadillac "Bat Mobile"

Justin Bieber at spa-go's Building leaving in his Cadillac "bat Mobile" Posing for cameras.
and justin is Looking in Great mood because of his smiling for all media and Camera People.

Showing his black "Bat-Mobile" & also justin has mentioned many times that he loves this car and
always prefer to travel in it.

click like button, if you like his "Bat-Mobile"

NEW 2011 - Justin Bieber - Forever [Unreleased Song from 2009]

Forever is Justin's song from 2009 but haven't released yet, i don't know why because it's a Great Song.
I found it yesterday so decided to post it here for All beliebers,
You can clearly recognize by his voice That this Song is from 2009.
So Listen to it and tell us How's it? isn't it just great?

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NEW - Justin Bieber "Dress-Up" Game *Online* [1]

"Today we "bieber Exclusive" Decided to post a online Dress-up Game for All Justin Bieber's fans."
So here it is you can dress up justin like you want. You can choose his hairstyle and eyes color his jacket and glasses etc.. Hope All beliebers Girls will like it!
There will be more games upcoming so better be ready for it, it'll depend on our first
post. You can make a request through Comment which type of justin Game you want to play, and we'll post it as our concern.

Justin Bieber & Drake Trust Issues At Cali Christmas "Video"

Here is The video for recent performance of
drake and Justin Bieber at cali christmas.
Drake Bring out "Justin Bieber" On The Stage and represent him to join the performance.
Drake welcome Justin with saying this:
'Please make some noise for my lil bro Justin Bieber'.
We're going in the studio in January 2012 to work on his new album.Such a Great Time..

Below Justin's And Drake Performance Video!!

Justin Bieber Performance For Kids In Las Angles & Also Donates $100,000

Our Hero Justin Bieber arrived early morning
at the Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas,
On Last Friday..

And Afternoon he give a Special Christmas Performance 
for Kid School in Las Angles.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Justin's New Someday Ad - Dream Shot - Lame Holiday Swag *NEW*

The new version of Someday ad has just Released and titled "Lame Holiday Swag".
this short video of ad featuring justin advising to Dads, about buying Someday sent on Holiday.

Selena Gomez will Propose Justin Bieber this Christmas.

this news just hit web few days ago that selena Gomez will Propose justin Bieber on this Christmas.
There are no confirmation by selena or justin yet but the rumors is spreading around.
source more revealed That selena has very deep thought about justin bieber and she can't see him in mess.
She want to tell him through proposal that she wont leave Him on "Baby Allegation Drama".

Source also tells Bieber Exclusive that, Justin's Mom Pattie also reveals that justin is afraid of Losing
Selena. so he want to make a family with "Selena Gomez" he always Talks About Having Kids with Selena.

So what you guys think? is All those new are rumor or legit? Share Your Views About This....

Justin Bieber's Photo Gallery (Part 4) *Christmas Special*

After the Great Positive Response On Bieber's Photo Gallery..
Justin Bieber Photo gallery Part 1,
Justin Bieber Photo gallery Part 2,
Justin Bieber Photo gallery Part 3..

Now Bieber Exclusive are re-presenting "Christmas Special",
Justin Bieber Photo gallery Part 4.

Friday, 16 December 2011

This is Justin Bieber - Christmas Love HD Video *HOT*

This is the Video Titled "This is justin Bieber - Christmas Love
" Justin bieber Tweeted This video.
This is the first ever Live Performance for Song "Christmas Love"
it was aired on "This is Justin Bieber" ITV Special.
Below is the Video it check out and tell us, our comments about it...

Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black Crowns The Google Search 2011

Literally Saying Justin Bieber did it Again and named Most Searched Person on Google 2011.
On Thursday 15th of Dec Google has revealed their 11th Annual Search stats for 2011 &
what we got? Justin Biebers as Most searched Person and Rebecca Black as Fastest Rising quires
on google beating Google +.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Justin Bieber gets Pulled Over by Cop

Yesterday, when was Justin Bieber Driving at LA Street.
He was pulled over by cops,Because he was driving his Batmobile.
Cops tell TMZ,
Justin made an “unsafe left turn” from the middle line,
While traffic was still Moving, at an L.A.
This is not the first time Bieber has been stopped by cops.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Justin Bieber Playing Soccer With Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres.

Justin Bieber The "Mistletoe" Hit Maker got an VIP Tour of Chelsea Blues.
Here we're posting Video and Photos of Justin Bieber Playing Soccer With
Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres, as Chelsea Player in Blue Chelsea KIT.
Hope you'll Enjoy The Video and Photos of Justn's Playing soccer...

*Congratulation* Under the Mistletoe Awarded Best Selling Christmas Album of the Decade.

it's Time for Celebration for All beliebers.
Because, Justin's new Christmas Album "Under The Mistletoe' Awarded The best
Selling Album of The Decade in the History of UMG Industry.
The "Mistletoe" Song container "Under the mistletoe"
became this Famous and there is no doubt about that, the Album with such hit songs
can win this honor.

"Justin Bieber" WAX Figure In Dreamland Museum "Brazil"

Here is Justin Bieber WAX Statue..
Justin Bieber wearing Black pant & Black Coat,
With Red T-Shirt & Red Shoes In Wax Statue Photo..

Monday, 12 December 2011

Short Video of "Justin Bieber" At "Christmas Washington" Show 2011 "Special"

Here is Justin Bieber Performance Short Video.
American President Mr.Obama speaks,
During the "Christmas in Washington"
Celebration at the National Building Museum in Washington 2011, DC.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Justin Bieber performs for President Obama, Christmas in Washington, DC.

Justin Bieber Perform During a Pre taping for Christmas in Washington, Dc..
The show was Organized Canon O'Brien,
And Special Guest On The Show First lady Michelle,
Mr President Obama's & Their Family "Special Guest"..

Justin Bieber's Perfume "Someday" Named "Product Of The Year"

Big Congratulation,
Our Hero Justin Bieber's Perfume On The Top..
Justin Bieber's Debut Fragrance "SOMEDAY"
So Many Super-Star Launching their own scents On the Year 2011,
There was difficult Competition for the Title of this year 2011,
"Product of the year" But Beliebers Hero Came out on Top..

Justin Bieber Visits Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC

Today, Justin Bieber After His Performance rehearsal,
Justin Bieber Visits the young patients at
Children's National Medical center in Washington.

Now Justin Bieber In Washington DC, Concert "Christmas In Washington"

After Mexico Tour,
Now Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez In Washington ..

Few Days Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber will be live In National Building Museum in Washington..
Today Justin Bieber is Practice form his Live Performance In Washington..

Justin Bieber - ITV Special "Full Performance" *AMAZINGLY HOT*

Hello & Welcome To,
This is Justin Drew Bieber..
This Canadian 17 year Old one of The Biggest Super-Star,
Be solo massive 23 million single world wise..
He's almost gone random in 26 Countries,
and 14 million twitter Followers, & 2 Billion Hits On Youtube..

Justin Bieber At Disney-World Photoshoot "Special Video"

Here is the Justin bieber photo-shoot Video Clip,
Its so Amazing..
Here in this Video Justin Amazing Talking about his Fans Like Belieber..
Christmas Parade, Justin Bieber is Wearing Blue coat-Shirt,
With white pants & blue strip on it..
he's Looking so gorgeous like Always..
Below Justin Bieber Photo-Shoot Clip..

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Billboard | Justin Bieber In Top 10 List

Big Congratulation,Justin On The Top
Almost The Finish Of the Year 2011,
Once again Justin Bieber Standing Top Chart Artist..
Competition was very Difficult This Year,
Justin Against Great Artist Such as Adele, Katy perry & Rihanna.
Cracking Out Hit after hit But Justin Still managed to Place #9.
Artist Of the year 2011..

Justin Bieber Wants Bubba Watson's Autograph

Here is Justin Bieber Photo,
Justin Bieber Want Bubba's Sign..
Justin Show Golf Digest His Amazing!!

Friday, 9 December 2011

"Latest" Justin Bieber Shirtless Photo Gallery

Here are the Some topless photos of Justin Bieber..
He's Looking hot all of Them,
we poster for those beliebers who didn't watched it yet,
& also for those who already watched?

Justin Bieber singing for President Obama "Someday at Christmas" |Full Performance|

Past 2 year Justin Bieber was Singing for President Obama..
Justin's was performing "Someday At Christmas" Special Song,
This Song Justin's Specially Dedicate All His Fans & Mr President Obama..

Justin Bieber On Celeb Of The Year 2011 - |Please Vote|

Hello Beliebers - Big Congratulation,
Our Hero "Justin Bieber" Nominated for Best Celeb Of The Year!!

I Know all Fans Very Excited to hear this "News" Proud.
Now Justin Bieber need your help Please Vote for him..

Click Here for Vote Justin Bieber 
Don't forget to Vote for him, He Don't Want lose this award..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dear Dad! Justin Bieber New Dream Shot Someday Ad!

Below Justin Bieber's New Ad..
Someday Dream Shot.
Everyone Must watch Justin's New ad..

Did you Liked This Video??