Saturday, 17 December 2011

Selena Gomez will Propose Justin Bieber this Christmas.

this news just hit web few days ago that selena Gomez will Propose justin Bieber on this Christmas.
There are no confirmation by selena or justin yet but the rumors is spreading around.
source more revealed That selena has very deep thought about justin bieber and she can't see him in mess.
She want to tell him through proposal that she wont leave Him on "Baby Allegation Drama".

Source also tells Bieber Exclusive that, Justin's Mom Pattie also reveals that justin is afraid of Losing
Selena. so he want to make a family with "Selena Gomez" he always Talks About Having Kids with Selena.

So what you guys think? is All those new are rumor or legit? Share Your Views About This....