Sunday, 25 December 2011

Let's Celebrate this Christmas with Justin Bieber. *The Great Bieber Moments of 2011*

we "Bieber Exclusive" & justin Bieber wishing you this Christmas..
Thanks for your support since previous Christmas, You Beliebers are the best fans in the world.
and on this Exciting occasion we decide to Bring Some smile on your face through some
justin Bieber Christmas Collection, Hope You'll Enjoy it and it'll Make your Holiday better than Ever..

before that let's check this great Bieber Moments of 2011.

Let's start with "Someday" perfume for All girls beliebers
and later named "Product of the year". that was Great Moment
for All beliebers and of course from 2011.

yes! justin gave us many priceless performance in 2011,
like performance for Obama.

That Great moment when justin Bieber was signing Auto-Graph
for beliebers and it was from 2011 of course.
That blush Moment when interviewer Asked justin about selena Gomez
and their relationship, and other disney-land.
That Great Moment! when Justin bieber came up with Selena gomez
at MTV Awards and revealed his New Hair-Style.
That Great Moment! when justin publicly revealed his
motor gang, posing for pic and wearing Helmet .
That Great Moment! when justin Visited Hospital and Met
patient Beliebers for a Charity Program...
That great Moment! When Justin Bieber was
receiving Bambee Award.
That Great moment! when justin was grabbing
selena's Ass and someone from public took the picture..

That Great moment! when Justin Bieber and
president Obama giving Hug to each-other,
presidential Swag, LOL.

That Great Moment! when Justin Bieber Was
on the Main cover of Bill-Board magazine.
That Great Moment when justin Bieber was got pulled over
by police in his black caddilac Bat-Mobile.
Cop Swag..

That great Moment! when Justin bieber gave us the Awesome
Christmas Song ''all i want this christmas is you".
That Great moment! when under the Mistletoe was Named
best Christmas Album of the decade.
That Great Moment! when Usher advices Justin to
stay Strong on Baby Daddy Drama.
That Great Moment when justin Visited Disney-land.
That Great Moment when Justin did an VIP tour of Chelsea.
and in the and Couple of The Year!
wishing you this Happy! Christmas!.
I'm Sure All Beliebers Enjoyed it, and giving us theirs best wishes .
and now here are some christmas related Video of Justin Bieber.!

this is the Aurthur Chirtsmas version of Santa Claus Coming to town!

And now this is Animated version of Santa Claus Coming to town.

And now the great christmas song of justin and Mariah
"All I want this Christmas is you".

and in the end the one of the Great song of 2011.
"Justin Bieber - Mistletoe"

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to let us know that you liked it! "Have a Great Holiday All beliebers"