Friday, 30 December 2011

"Justin Bieber" Named On The Top 'Best Role Models' Of 2011

"Justin Bieber" has been named on the Top of the best role models of 2011,
According to 'Hollywood Life' an online celebrity publication.

"Justin Bieber" loves pranks with his fans, relative & friends,
but most people still think that he is a good role model.

Recently, a celebrity news website included  Google his name on the list of the best role models of 2011.

Justin's girlfriend "Selena Gomez" also ranked high on the list of Hollywood Life's Role Model of the Year 2011. In addition to her polite manner,
"Selena Gomez" volunteers for organizations like UNICEF and often shows up unexpectedly to visit sick patients in children's hospitals around the country.

Another young celebrity who is also on the list,

 is "Taylor Swift".
She's pretty young talented singer does not smoke, drink, or take drugs,
"Taylor Swift" is just a perfect role model for young girls.