Thursday, 28 June 2012

Justin Bieber Serenades a Young Fan - Video

Lucky little belieber girl Bryn got a private treat.
When she was serenaded by Justin Bieber backstage at the concert.
This video is really amazing, you can easily watch this video below!!

Justin Bieber: Last Night Performance on Jay Leno

Here is the Justin Bieber an amazing performance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Justin Bieber also sang outside for all the beliebers that were waiting out there for him,
I know for the east coast it's already on, but west coast people you excited to watch it. 
He is so good to his fans & Beliebers, That's why we love Justin Bieber.

Hehahah, LOL why did she have Bieber sign her back??
To make all the girls behind her jealous!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Justin Bieber's Next Single "As Long as you love me" Cover revealed

The next official single for Believe is now Confirmed and it's came out to be "As long as you love me",
and also Justin Bieber revealed it's Cover too..

Justin Bieber Playing Golf at Private Golf court

Here paparazzi took some photos of Justin Bieber Playing Golf,
and we are uploading it for All bieber Exclusive Users...


Justin Bieber Talks About His Broken Heart

In recent Show Bethenny asked Justin Bieber that if he's ever had a broken heart,
watch the Video to Find out what he had to say...

Justin Bieber Reveals He Has 5 Tattoos.

Recently on Bethenny Show, Justin Bieber Revealed that he has 5 tattoos and he also talked about each
is meaningful and special for him..

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Justin Bieber with Fuse *Interview*

Bieber exclusive members are here with Justin's whole interview with Fuse, 
and also he talks about his Mom, his idol Micheal Jackson, Lil Wayne, New Music and Much More.
must watch Justin interview with Fuse you'll really Enjoy.

Justin's Tweets : 

Justin Bieber's "Believe" Top on the UK Charts #1 Album

A big congratulations to Justin Bieber and his great fans,
Justin Bieber new Believe album debuted at the number #1 spot on the UK charts this week.
This marks Justin's first album to top the charts in the UK.
And also Justin Bieber celebrated his big achievement.
"All the experts said, WE wouldn't come in at #1 in the UK.I have never had a #1 album there.
but u all BELIEVED."

Have you bought Believe yet?

Radio Disney: Justin Bieber Ride On Segway

Bieber Exclusive found some new photos of Justin Bieber.
In these photos you can easily see,
Justin Bieber riding on Segway during his interview with Radio Disney.

Below you can see these photos!!

Justin Bieber: All Around The World NBC Special *HQ Videos*

Here you can easily watch "Justin Bieber, All Around the World" NBC 2hour Special.
"Wed & Thurs, 8 p.m.
Beliebers super-star Justin Bieber took fans not only all around the world.
But backstage, into his behind the scenes with extensive interviews with different guys involved with Justin Bieber’s world tour.
Below you can watch the HQ video.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Justin Bieber Interview with Jimmy Fallon - Video

Youtube present Justin Bieber Interview with Jimmy,
Justin Bieber answers his fan's questions as asked by Jimmy Fallon.
And also Justin Bieber talks about everything from his plans.
After Believe to his favorite food on tour.
Amazing Video, You'll be surprised by his answer.
Must watch the video below.

Justin Bieber Ate a Bear! *Video*


Justin Bieber tells the story about the time.
Justin's saw a bear. This video is amazing so, i decided to share this video with you.
must watch this video below.

Justin Bieber Was "Always Pushing the Limits" As A Child

Justin Bieber is known for his brilliant talent and work.
But was that always the case?
Bieber's family opened up to independent,
recently to reveal that Bieber's was always "special" from an early age.

Justin Bieber was a good kid, but he was a young hot boy.
He was always pushing the limits.
Justin's grandfather Bruce Dale commented, 
"No matter what – if he got into [ice] hockey, he'd push the limit, to the point of being obsessive.
Soccer was the same way.
He and I travelled all over Ontario playing hockey and soccer.
It was fun – part of my experiences, too!"

"That's when he started playing drums, and reciting books and the Bible and whatnot.
So he was special right way – he could read really early as well. And recite things – his memory is incredible."

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Video - JustinBieber Latest Performance "Boyfriend & Die In Your Arms"

New York City has already caught Bieber fever by declaring.
Justin Bieber another live performance of his hit songs, Die In Your Arms & Boyfriend, 
Enjoy the performance.
News during promoting his new album Believe.
Below you can watch this performance video.

Justin Bieber Interview with NRJ Radio - Video

Bieber Exclusive found a Jb Interview Clip,
Justin Bieber was in France recently, when he gave an interview with NRJ Radio.
He also talks about a typical day in his life, and what his dreams are.
Must watch the interview video!

JustinBieber All Around The World "Special"

Bieber Xclusive found some amazing videos of Justin Bieber All Around The World NBC Special. 
Beliebers hero Justin Bieber had a mini world tour. 
Now, let me talk to the show, 
This amazing show divided in to 5 parts. 
So, I decided  to post 5 videos right here, enjoy the Videos.

Below you can watch these videos!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Justin Bieber Receives Proclamation declaring

Bieber's day

Beliebers super-star Justin Bieber receives a proclamation declaring,
On 19th June 2012, "Justin Bieber Day".
At J&R Music and Computer World on June 19, 2012 in New York City.

Justin Bieber On MTV "Bieber Live"

On Believe Day Justin bieber was on MTV Performing. 
Justin Bieber singing some hits from Believe and also talked
We're here with my friends, enjoy his performing and having fun.
Here are some photos, you can see.

Justin Bieber J&R Album Signing Event "Video"

Bieber Exclusive found a latest video, In this video Justin Bieber talked his fans,
and met with all fans in this J&R Album singing event.
This singing event honored by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer,
at J&R Music.
On June 19, 2012.
Below you can Watch this J&R album singing event video.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Justin Bieber Live Singing at Avon Theatre

Here is the photos and video of Justin Bieber live singing.
Justin Bieber singing his one of the best song "BABY" in steps of the Avon Theatre
between audience or Beliebers in his home-town Stratford, Ontario.
Below you can easily check out these Photos & Videos.

Justin Bieber Believe is Out Today!!

Beliebers Believe album is out in some countries. 
finally here and available on iTunes and stores — we’re so excited.

Justin produced hundreds of tracks over an 8-month period and narrowed it down to 13 songs on the Believe standard edition and 16 on the deluxe.

Have you got your copy yet?

Justin Bieber Star of Raucous MMVA's Show!

looking Ninja
The 18-year-old pop star, beliebers hero "Justin Bieber" from Stratford, swooning from the moment. 
Justin Bieber arrived on the red carpet with his baby brother in his right arms. 
Soon after the show started, 
Justin Bieber climbed the stage to accept the award for international video of the year by a Canadian.
Real achievement, proud to be a belieber!! 
Below you can see this photo.

Avalanna Aka Mrs. Bieber, Justin's "OLLG"

Justin Bieber always fulfills wish of his beliebers,
He already fulfilled wish of Avalanna who is suffering from Rare Cancer by meeting her on 14 Feb 2012 and naming her Mrs. Bieber. 
I absolutely love the fact that avalanna was the OLLG tonight.
so freaking cute, he has the biggest heart & loves his belieber.

Friday, 8 June 2012

New 2012 - Justin Bieber Doing Drum Solo *Must Watch Video*

So this The Most of the Best video of today (8th June) when Justin Bieber was Doing Drum Solo.
Must watch and Share with Your Friends..

Justin Bieber Wearing 'Doing Real Stuff Sucks' T-Shirt

Appearently Justin Bieber Publicly Wore a Shirt of "Doing Real Stuff Sucks" T-shirt,
which was gave it to him by a Belieber Girl Who is Running This Organization...

New 2012 - Justin Bieber "All Around the World" *Official Lyrics Video*

Recently Justin Biebers Official Youtube Channel (Vevo) Released a Official Lyrics Video for
Song from Album Believe "All Around the world" so Are You ready to Listen the Best Song now??

here it is..

Justin Bieber Special Private Concert at BILD *NEW HOT*

Huge Surprise for Beliebers Recently Justin Bieber did a Private (Special) Concert in Berlin at BILD,
Singing Various Songs Specially "Die in Your Arms"..

Here is The Exclusive Video for You presented by one and Only [BIEBER EXCLUSIVE] 

Justin Bieber Gave a Party (Dinner) to His Crew *Photos*

Recently While Working on his Next Project Justin Bieber decided to Take a Break and Gave a Party to his Hardworking Crew Members as a Dinner, Here are Some Photos of This Event Don't Forget to Share on
your facebook.

First Here are some Photos of Them when Arriving for Dinner...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Selena Gomez Got Jealous of Two Female Beliebers

The Rumor is Spreading Around or it can be true that Selena Gomez Got Really Angry on Justin Bieber
When He Cuddled two Female Beliebers at Madrid,
The News Sources are Saying that Selena Appearently Starting to Jealous Every Girl Which Justin Bieber
Meet or Chill, Maybe it's a Sign that Selena Wants to Break-up, Well we All really Hope that it''ll Just be the
rumor in the end.

Justin Bieber Chilling Out with fans new 2012

You're About to see some Cool Photos Of Justin Bieber With Beliebers,
Doing fun and taking Photos, let us know in Comments if you ever met Justin Bieber,
Here Enjoy the Photos...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Justin Bieber Waving and Showing his Abs From Studio's Window.

Here We are Posting some Cool Photos of Justin bieber, these photo were taken fro outside of a Studio where Justin Bieber is waving his hand from the Window to the fans outside and also showing his abs to them
Must Check out these Photos, You'll Love it..

We really Hope that You Liked it.

Justin Bieber wearing scarf on face - New Photo-Gallery *HOT*

Here are Some hot Photos of Justin Bieber Wearing scarf on face, while Coming out from BBC Radio,
Fans are taking Auto-graph and taking Photos with Justin, You'll Enjoy this, Checkout!

Tay James Birthday Surpise from Justin Bieber

As Tay James is Celebrating his 25th Birthday, Justin Bieber Presented a luxury Surpirse to him..
Check it out Below..