Monday, 25 June 2012

Justin Bieber Was "Always Pushing the Limits" As A Child

Justin Bieber is known for his brilliant talent and work.
But was that always the case?
Bieber's family opened up to independent,
recently to reveal that Bieber's was always "special" from an early age.

Justin Bieber was a good kid, but he was a young hot boy.
He was always pushing the limits.
Justin's grandfather Bruce Dale commented, 
"No matter what – if he got into [ice] hockey, he'd push the limit, to the point of being obsessive.
Soccer was the same way.
He and I travelled all over Ontario playing hockey and soccer.
It was fun – part of my experiences, too!"

"That's when he started playing drums, and reciting books and the Bible and whatnot.
So he was special right way – he could read really early as well. And recite things – his memory is incredible."