Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson on Stage

Canadian star Justin Bieber and his singer friend Cody Simpson on stage during the Believe tour on Friday night. 
When Justin Bieber came on stage for beliebers Cody Simpson also join him and their Justin  to do some dancing moves that had the crowd amused at the Spirit Center in Kansas City.

Justin Bieber’s made another Tattoo

Finally pop king Justin Bieber got a new tattoo on his arm, 
But now Justin Bieber made OWL tattoo. meaning: Wisdom.

In all for you who and other are interested to make a Tattoo??

Justin Bieber will Perform at 100th Grey Cup

Now a days Justin Bieber is top heading home to Canada.
Next month event  100th Annual Grey Cup
Justin Bieber will perform to The Canadian Football League's championship game.

Justin was pround to be asked to headline the halftime show. He tweeted, "an honor to be heading home to perform at the 100th Grey Cup halftime show. #CANADA"

More Photos, Justin Bieber with his PAC the Hamster

Now a days Beliebers hero busy with his pac. Justin Bieber spend a lot of time with her pet Like pac Hamster.
He newest pet, PAC the hamster, has become quiet the internet celebrity, Hhahaha.
Justin Bieber has uploaded more photos of pac with himself.
In these photos Justin's uploaded on his Instagram account.
I think you should must see thsese photos, Enjoy guys!

Justin Bieber Enjoys with PAC the Hamster

Here is the photo of Justin Bieber with his pac.
In this Justin Bieber shows off his new pet, PAC the hamster. It's really cute.

How many beliebers  like Justin's newest pet?

Everything's Just Me - Justin Bieber

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber uploaded a new photo to his Instagram account,
In this photo Justin changed himself and show a new look self-portrait.
captioning the photo Everything is Bieber "Just Me."
He also Showing off his muscular arms, Justin stares at his reflection in the mirror while wear a white tank top. He looks so hot.

What do you think, Bieber means ?

Justin Bieber In 'J-14' Magazine

Bieber Exclusive represent the Scanner photos of Justin Bieber.
Pop star Justin Bieber now in J-14 Magazine.
Check out these great scans from Justin Bieber's photo-shoot.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Justin Bieber’s "Beauty And A Beat" Breaks All Records

Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj music video breaks all records and once again Justin Bieber on the top,
One Direction had previously taken the record for most views of a music video in the first 24-hrs on VEVO
from Justin with ‘Live While We’re Young,’ but now Justin’s snatched the title back after the unconventional
release of ‘Beauty And A Beat’.
Justin Bieber has reclaimed his throne at the hottest act in music by crushing a record he had once set that was recently topped by One Direction.
It looks like Bieber Fever is stronger than ever!

Justin Bieber Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne are cousins

Bieber exclusive have some extremely News about Pop star Justin Bieber and other. 
Research proved that Beliebers hero Justin Bieber is the cousins of Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne, Not only that, but he’s also related to Celine Dion.
According to a family tree provided by
Bieber and Gosling are 11th cousins once removed while Bieber and Lavigne are 12th cousins. 
They share common relatives Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire who were born in France in early 1600s and moved to Quebec, CANADA after getting married in 1637.

Below you can see the photo, after see the photo you can easily know their stories.

What Did Justin Bieber Tell Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber got on the phone and talking about with her fellow Taylor Swift on Monday.
The day she released her new album "Red," telling his fellow pop superstar Justin Bieber to keep an eye on the Internet for a special video surprise from him.

"He told her he thinks 'I Knew You Were Trouble' is the best song ever, and that he's going to make it his next [lip sync] video,
" Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta said at a Target event in NYC with Taylor Swift.

Bald for Bieber - Massive

According to Internet hoax claiming Justin Bieber had been diagnosed with cancer.
Bieber's fans are shaving their heads to show their support."
Spread fears that actual supporters of the singer will "go bald for Bieber."

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Justin Bieber with Boys

@Justinbieber: Boyz Night

Justin Bieber will Perform Jingle Ball On December 7, 2012

Pop star Justin Bieber is one of the best artists in the whole world and he will be performing at the Z100 Jingle Ball this year on December 7, 2012..
The concert will take place at the Madison Square Garden.
The show won’t require a lot of practice beforehand from Justin since he’s already touring the world with his Believe tour show.

Justin Bieber Gets A New Pet

Beliebers super-star Justin Bieber gets a new pet, and also Justin announced the arrivial of his new pet via Twitter. He commented, 
"This is PAC the hamster my new believe tour pet I will bring him to every meet n greet"
Welcome to the Bieber family. 

Justin Bieber sold-out Concert *Photos*

Pop star Justin Bieber performs at Target Center on October 20, 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
It was a amazing sold-out concert, in this concert Justin bieber sings his so many songs and started with Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson.
Bieber Exclusive caught some amazing moments and photos with Justin's dance.
Below you can easily see these photo moments.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Justin Bieber Visits Sick Fan In Hospital

Canadian hero Justin Bieber meet sick fan in Hospital.
Justin visited 18-year-old cancer patient Crystal Amber Montgomery in the hospital, as she was too sick to leave her room to his show.

Crystal’s friend, Joana Antunes, wrote on Justin’s Facebook wall to tell him about her best friend. Crystal, who has been diagnosed with the cancer osteosarcoma, is the youngest patient at the Cross Cancer Institute at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and is a big fan of Justin.
How sweet is that??

Find Justin Bieber's Gold Shoes and Win a Chance to Meet Him

Hey guys as you know Our Justin Bieber now as a part of his new partnership with the Adidas brand of clothing, NEO.
Justin Bieber is holding a contest where you could win a chance to meet him.
It's a great opportunity to meet Justin Bieber.
So guys are you excited to hear this news??

Justin Bieber Is The New Look of Adidas NEO

Have you always wanted to Justin's cloths?
Well now this time you can!!
It has just been announced that Justin will be teaming up Adidas to promote their NEO brand of clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Justin signed a two year contract with the sportswear company, starting in 2013.
checkout the photo below!

New Justin Bieber Instagram Photos - Believe Tour !

Belieber's Super Star Justin Bieber is having a blast on his Believe Tour and he is letting the world know through Instagram!
Now this time Justin Bieber just posted two photos of himself performing,
"m back where im supposed to be.."

Checkout the photo's below!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Justin Bieber Again With Ryan Butler

“Who do we got to the right of me?”

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Justin Bieber's Surprise Entrance

Watch Justin Bieber’s surprise entrance on Make Your Mark
All fans were very excited after seeing their idol, shaking 
hands and met with Justin Bieber.

Check out this greatest entry video below:

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl, Saskatoon

Justin Bieber live performing his hit song "One Less Lonely Girl"
with fan on the stage in Saskatoon, Canada.

Check out some more photos from this concert below:

Justin Bieber Cooking!

“Yup, doesn’t just sing, dance, and play gtr, piano, and drums… 
He also cooks! #Hibachi in #Winnipeg” -@dankanter

Justin Bieber with Cute Little fans

Here are some photos of Justin Bieber with Cute Little fans...

Justin and Carly performing “Beautiful” last night in Saskatoon

Check this, Justin and Carly performing their duet “Beautiful”  song last night in Saskatoon..

Exclusive: Justin Bieber knows how to cook

Yes! Justin is not only a Singer, Dancer, Drummer, skater or guitar player he also knows how to cook...

Beauty and a beat video is on iTunes now.. Download it

 #beautyandabeat video is on iTunes! Go download it plz!

Justin Bieber Adidas Life Style

Check this out, justin beiber tweeted a Photo saying Adidas lifestyle..

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Justin Bieber's Birthday Message to Safa

Justin Bieber wished a Very Happy Birthday
to Safa on her birthday in different style.
Check out in this video below:

Justin Bieber with Fans on Last Night

Justin Bieber met with two male fans on last night.

Justin Bieber Live Performing ALAYLM Shirtless in Edmonton, Canada

Justin Bieber live performed his hit song "As Long As You Love Me" in Edmonton,
Canada on Octobor 15th. Check out more Hot photos below:

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Metro Billiards Edmonton

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez with their kid fans when they were at
Metro Billiards in Edmonton, Canada on saturday night.

Justin Bieber: He is Canadian Like Me :)

Justin Bieber posted this new photo yesterday with his words.
Justin Beiber: "He's Canadian Like Me"

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Secret Dinner at Blue Plate Dinner

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were done secrettly dinner at Blue Plate dinner 
on saturday in Edmonton, Canada. Justin, Selena and their guard can be seen in this sneek 
photo. Justin Bieber was weared totally black dress.

Restaurant owner "John Williams" tells Edmonton Sun:
“It took me a few minutes longer to figure out who he was, I didn’t know. 
My staff is all younger than me.

“A couple of younger girls had put it on Twitter that he was there, and before 
you knew it, the restaurant filled up with a bunch of young girls.”

Williams said the pair tried not to draw much attention,
Williams said about their order in his Restaurant:
“He ordered what every kid that comes in here and orders: scrambled eggs, 
crisp bacon, white toast, hash browns, and then he ordered a chocolate milk. 
While Selena ordered huevos rancheros.

“The security guard was doing his best to keep the young girls away from him. 
So we sat all the older people around him, because they didn’t really know or 
care who he was.”

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Justin Bieber New Instagram Pic!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Exclusive Justin Bieber on interacting with hysterical fans *Hot*

Exclusive Justin Bieber on interacting with hysterical fans, must watch this Interview Below..

#BelieveTour Meet & Greets from Los Angeles!

#BelieveTour Meet & Greets from Los Angeles, Justin Bieber Posing with some Belieber out their,
they are Looking hell of Happy.