Sunday, 27 November 2011

Justin Bieber Head made of Gold value of more than $1 Million.


Justin Bieber's Head Made From Gold has Value upto $1 Million
a Gold and precious Metal specialist started the project
he Previous Said That He'll Sculpt the Head Of Justin
Now Few Days Ago he has Successfully Completed his Project
and Showed to media.. and it's Gaining lot of Attention of Peoples
And Every Belieber Girl want to have this in Their Room
But it is Pretty Expensive to Have in Random Room.

It took 10 week to complete this project
3 weeks Alone for Hair.. there were lot of Metal specialist
in order to make this phenomenon statue of justin Bieber's Head

The Project Makers Also Revealed That
the Purpose behind Making this project
was to Show the value of Gold and Precious Metal in Modern Art

and the First Gold Bullion Revealed That The Value of sculpt hair
is $250,000 and Everyone Knows That The Price of Gold
are Rising On week bases, so the value of this sculpt is expected
to Rise in coming Years..