Saturday, 11 August 2012

Avoid From Fake Justin Bieber's Tickets & Scams

Beware from the Fake Beber Tickets. Because Online Scammers team is targeting 
Edmontonian Beliebers who are suffering from the Bieber fever. That is why true Beliebers
are very disturb from this situation. The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) says that we are 
ripped off one Belieber, who were selling this Fake Tickets with highest cost of $700. 

EPS Det. Dave Radmanovich says: 

“If you’ve purchased these tickets, you’re not going to know that 
you’re in possession of a fraudulent ticket until they scan the barcode 
at the doors of the concert itself.”
“People need to be aware. They need to use their intuition when it comes 
to this. Have a plan, and do some research before purchasing.”

Police are encouraging anyone who suspects if they have a fake ticket 
to contact EPS to help crack down on this activity.