Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Justin Bieber Teams Up with Michael Madsen for Short Film "As Long As You Love Me"

Justin Bieber is keeping his fans excited with a hint about his latest music video for his second single from Believe, "As Long As You Love Me", now Justin Bieber is getting ready to release his epic new music video.

Should we show a minute snip of #ALAYLM short film on America's got talent this wed then release the video friday or next monday? should we??
He tweeted that the music video will not only feature Big Sean but also actor Michael Madsen "Reservoir Dogs."

He starred in a number of iconic films like "Sin City," "Reservoir Dogs" and both "Kill Bill" movies, on Monday.
He asked his twitter followers.
Justin then went on to reveal a little casting surprise.
"And yes Michael Madsen is in the "AsLongAsYouLoveMe" short film,"
He tweeted, In case you aren't familiar with Madsen.

Up until now,
The only hint fans have gotten about the new video is a blood picture of Justin with the caption.
"It's a love story.. #believe."

Are you looking excited to watch "As Long As You Love Me" short film?