Monday, 23 July 2012

Justin Bieber Takes B'day Girl "Selena Gomez" for Dinner

As Selena Gomez turned 20 years on yesterday 22 July. 
So Justin Bieber takes birthday girl Selena Gomez for romantic dinner  after
attending the Teen Choice Awards 2012 at last night to celebrate the Selena's
20th Birthday. Here they are enjoying this romantic birthday party dinner at
II Cielo Restaurant in Beverly Hills, This restaurant is included in number one
romantic restaurant from whole good restaurant. That is why Justin Bieber 
selected it for celebrating his girlfriend Selena Gomez's birthday dinner.
It was a surprise gift by her boyfriend Justin Bieber for Selena Gomez on her
20th birthday. Here Justin Bieber also gave a bunch of beautiful pick flowers 
which was matching on Selena's dress . Here Justin Bieber wearing white 
T-shirt, Black sleeveless Jacket and black pant and white sneakers. 
And Selena Gomez wearing pick dress during birthday dinner party at 
Beverly Hills. 

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Earlier at the Teen Choice Awards, Selena Gomez was delighted to receive a birthday treat.