Saturday, 10 March 2012

Texas Man gets Thousands Calls after Justin Bieber Tweeted his Phone Number

As always Justin Bieber does he too does it now!
He was just trying to tease beliebers, 
But this prank was really very serious. 
Justin Bieber tried to tease his beliebers by tweeting a wrong phone number.
Fans of Justin Bieber are always crazy, they started making calls. 
But this prank spoiled the day of Texas man, because the number tweeted was his number. 
He got thousands of calls, Justin was deleting the tweet. 
But some bieber's fans re-tweeted very fast.
Emily horton's attorney person, who was called many times. 
Horton said, 

 Most of the callers were polite and messaged their friends to tell them,
The number didn't belong to Justin Bieber.