Friday, 13 January 2012

Justin Bieber Set his Goal to Keep his Career and Image Clean.

Justin bieber is named in those who has clean career/image, we all know that Justin Bieber is going to be 18
this march or you can say he'll enter in young Adult-hood Soon.
He Admit it that people needs to know that i'm not kid any-more but on other side he also
said that he is still learning. but however he plans to keep his image clean after entering into Adult-hood.
we have many celebrities who gone into bad image after turning into Adult-hood and made their friend partying
with Them and we found them with alcohols. mean while Justin Bieber Told that He will not Turn into this
kind of things and he'll keep  this road of clean Star, he also says that he'll do it for his own self-respect.

isn't its Great Thoughts of a Teenager who's going to be 18 Soon, Of Course he is Excited to,
but he already had a Succesful plan for his upcoming Life.