Thursday, 5 January 2012

Justin Bieber Answers a Question About Selena!

After Bieber's incredible performance,
"Justin Bieber" take some hard-hitting questions from his young Audience at Whitney Elementary,
And of course, the kids were curious about what Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez like to do for fun on the weekends.

A girl with pigtails asked Justin ,
Justin answer started out innocent enough, he began by saying,
"We go to the movies".
Then he lowered his voice to a whisper and said, "then we kiss".
She was probably pretty shocked by his answer. 
Kids, Awww

Ellen Said,
I just watched the piece with Justin,
I was truly touched and amazed by his kindness and generosity,
The way He related to the kids was truly inspiring.

Click Here To Watch "Justin Bieber" Answers a Question About Selena's 'Video'!

It's Amazing, How He cares for Everything,

He has one of the Biggest Hearts.
But Yet, Some people still Don't Like Him.
I Just Don't Understand,
Go Justin Bieber, I Love him with All My Heart!
He is very Real , Caring & Well Amazing,
There Is Nothing To Hate About Him.
The People That Do Hate Are Just Jealous.