Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Impersonator Justin Bieber Asks a Girl to Strip on Web-Cam

Commander of the State Crime Command’s Sex Crimes Squad Reported That,
a Justin Bieber's Impersonator (A person who's trying to show him self as a Justin Bieber) Asks
a Girl to Doff the cloths Modeling on web-cam.
the Person with photo of Justin Bieber as his display is a predator on Internet like many others,
State sex crime Squad warns parent that they should Aware and educate their Children from this kind
of pretending famous predator.
The little 10 years old girl sent a video chat request to him because he was having Justin's
photo as Display picture.

This is Public service message for All Belieber Girls from "Bieber Exclusive",
"Please, be Aware of such Impersonators & Keep that in mind that Justin Never do Video Chat
Publicly ".